FREE ESS Applicant Online Authorization Process Replaces Printed PDF Authorization Form

Our paperless "Candidate Generated Order" (CGO) program is a great fit for a lot of our clients. It allows applicants to provide their personal identifiers and sign their authorization online. There are several advantages to the online process.

For one, because the applicant types in the information – we can read it. It’s legible.

Secondly, we make certain fields mandatory. So unlike a paper authorization or a PDF authorization the applicant can’t skip information we need for the background check.

And third, it provides a professional high tech experience for the applicant that reflects positively on your company.

Here's how CGO works.

  • In the Candidate Generated Order function you give us the applicant's name and email address and let us know which reports you want to order. You can upload a resume or employment application if needed for the report.
  • We then immediately email the applicant an invitation directing them to an online authorization website. The site is completely customized to your needs and has the look and feel of your website. It is highly secure and private.
  • The applicant completes the information online and electronically signs the authorization. This automatically submits the order to us for processing. So it makes it a paperless process. No need for you to fax or email us an order form or any paperwork. We’ve captured it all online.
  • We handle all the follow-up. If the applicant hasn't completed the process within 24 hours we send a reminder email. We do the same thing at 48 hours if we haven’t had a response. So the applicant has a 72 hour window to respond from the initial invitation. We copy you on all these emails so you know what’s going on but we’re doing the busy work for you.

Our "Candidate Generated Order" program is a great way to offload the initiation of the background process on to us. And because of the professional look of the site it also provides your applicant with a very positive application experience.

Let us know if you have an interest in this customized program. There is no charge to set it up for you. We highly recommend it.

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